Monolithic Website to Cloud

About the project

Migration of monolithic website to Azure cloud.
  • Client

    NG Ltd.Sti.

  • Categories

    Cloud / Development

  • Tools used

    Azure, C#, ASP.NET Webform, MS SQL

  • Date

    December, 2021

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You don't need to go back decades to find when people were using ASP.NET webform. However, it is very old technology in our current days.

If you have started your project about 10 years ago and maybe a little earlier, it is possible that your website is made with ASP.NET webform. After all these passing years, you may now want to catch up with current technology so that you can keep up with your competitors. At this moment, you may realize it is not very straightforward to migrate to cloud. There are not many resources on the internet to guide you through this process.
Complicated Technical Work

Such technical work requires extensive trial and errors as well as in depth knowledge of all tools and technologies involving in this situation. You may want to start a project to make this shift. However, have you evaluated well enough the following points:

  • Can you keep the talent in-house as long as this project goes on (by assuming you can find the right one to start with)?
  • Do you have enough time to tolerate the unexpected events? After all, there will be a lot of experimentation by your technical team if they have not done such work before.
  • Do you want to execute the project in-house because you want to save on project costs? If yes, are you sure you can really save?

If ASP.NET Webform Migration to Cloud seems risky to you or keeps you awake at night, don’t worry! This is where our expertise come into play. We have done such migration before. We will be very happy to get you there too.