CI/CD Automation

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CI/CD automation has been implemented to eliminate all the redundant repetitive deployment tasks.
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    NG Ltd.Sti.

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    Azure DevOps, Git, .NET

  • Date

    April, 2021

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Before CI/CD

  1. Time to go live: It took a month in average to go live.
  2. Cost reduction: The total time required to deploy the changes on test/live environment was around one hour.
  3. Employee satisfaction: A feedback from employee survey was about repetitive tasks. There had been times that employee could not find enough time to learn new topics and even get the work done on time due to unexpected issues raising from human error in repetitive tasks.
  4. Customer satisfaction: It took at least a month to address a customer concern. If there are a lot in development queue, it could easily take longer. Customers were not happy about slow issue resolution.

After CI/CD

  1. Time to go live: Code can be deployed on test environment as often as required every single day. Hence, tests can be done more frequently and without delay. Development team gets timely feedback and resolve the issues much faster. Therefore, release cycle has been decreased to weekly schedule. It is 75% improvement!
  2. Cost reduction: An employee time spent for deployment has been decreased to a few minutes. Savings from deployment time is one day a month. Then, there is time spent for debugging and fixing issues due to human errors during deployments. It is at least another half day saving. It is at least 7% employee time saving for a simple system.
  3. Employee satisfaction: Automation helped the company prevent employee burnout by removing time consuming work. Employees can now focus on the real work and much more exciting projects.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Customers started to give more positive feedback in their interaction with customer service department. Average customer rating related to technical issues raised 38%.

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